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Monthly Archive: May 2016

Career: How To Choose Your Best Fit

As we grow with age and maturity we tend to move away from our imaginary world of super-heroes in tight leggings and capes as our career choices, and tend to lean towards forming our thoughts based on the role models we come face to face in our daily lives. And then, there comes a point where we look even beyond it and become something completely different to the ballerinas or the firefighters we dreamt of becoming. Our career choices change so drastically that we no longer understand why we do what we do. So is there a possibility of a happy vocation? Here are a few thoughts to ponder on.

Find out what you are passionate about
Passion is a word we rather not associate with work, simply because work has this dreadful image of a depressed and angry person. This does not have to always be the case. Spend time figuring out what you love to do and see how you could bring that passion to life. If you love food and if you love working with the poor, then combine the two. You could start your own catering company and with time you could start your own corporate social responsibility project of feeding the poor. Try to find some form of value in what you are doing. It does not matter if it is in the current job or at a whole new place. The important thing is to be kind to yourself and be patient as you try out a few different options.

Life is not all about work.
All work and no play could make not only Jack into a dull and miserable person, but everyone around Jack as well. Life has much to offer: family, recreation, quiet times and some crazy partying too. Embrace these things. Decide what is most important to you. Work is meant to enhance life and not just be life, check this corporate catering venues.

Give a bit of yourself
We are not super heroes and we cannot do all and be all. But, what we can do is, to be apart of a volunteer group that might meet once a month or once in two months to plan and work on a special project. Select something that you have a skill in and contribute. This will help takes away the monotonousness of a daily routine and the burnout that comes with it. Giving does not make a hole in your system, as most seem to think; it just makes room for more exciting and refreshing things to fill with.

Never give-up on self
Never say, I have no skill. Never say this is it, and I cannot do more. Never think you are too old to learn. Never stop expecting or settling down for less. If what you are doing currently is not satisfying you, do some research and look for new options while you are still employed. Just don’t think you cannot be happy. If you are going to spend a good 8-10 hours of your time at something, it might as well be something that brings you joy.