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Cut Down Costs At The Bar – Here’s How

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If you’re running a bar or a restaurant which features a bar corner, you’ve probably wondered of how to reduce the many but tiny losses you seem to incur somehow. With five to ten percent of all drinks – be they wines, beers or spirits – apparently being wasted (according to popular surveys) in one way or another, it’s definitely a good idea to think of how to cut back on losses.

Bartenders and other employees tend to be the main reason behind the many lost profits and lost potential sales at the bar. This may be either be unintentionally, as in the case of over pouring, spilling and other similar cases, but it can also be intentionally – that is, what you’d call losses from theft and the like. In the case of the former, there is really not much to do, but to strengthen security in the bar, with the employees being no exception. Make sure that bartenders, while allowing them to receive tips, do not take the whole fee as a tip (you might find it hard to believe, but it actually happens). Also, prepare separate cash drawers for each bartender; this will allow you to gain insight on and trace thefts much more easily. Furthermore, there are also cases of lost sales because bartenders tend to overly indulge in free drinks or undercharge their customers. This is especially so in bars that allow their employees to drink at the bar after their work shift: bartenders have been shown to undercharge, or even not charge at all, their co-workers for drinks. Plus, bartenders also tend to over pour drinks in this case.

However, in case of losses from spillages and the like, you can consider buying an automated liquor dispensing equipment.

An automated liquor dispensing equipment can track how much of drinks have been poured, and the newer technologies are also capable of reducing spillages and drinks simply going down the drain, in direct comparison with the traditional manual methods. Depending on what type of system you buy, they can range from smart systems which allow smartphones to keep track of them, to those that can even recreate a given number of cocktails and other beverages by storing fifteen or even more alcoholic liquids within their containers.

Thus, by raising awareness of employees, using better security and employing dispenser systems, there is a great probability that you can cut down those potential five to ten percent of losses to much lesser values, and thereby increase your profits.